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Direction For General Regulation Concerning Jointly Owned Properties






Article (1)
Terms used in the Law


In these Regulations, the terms and expressions defined in Article (2) of the Law No. (27) of 2007 concerning Jointly Owned Properties in the Emirate of Dubai shall have the same meanings assigned to them in the said Article, and any reference to the word "Law" in these regulations shall mean the mentioned Law.


Article (2)


The following words and expressions, unless the context otherwise dictates, shall have the following meanings:


Aggregate Entitlements:

The total of all the Entitlements in a Jointly Owned Property Declaration.


Association Manager:

The person appointed as Association Manager in accordance with the Owners Association's Constitution. Association Manager Agreement: An agreement under which an Owners Association appoints and delegates to an Association Manager.


Common Elements:

In relation to a building comprising Components, those parts of the building (including services, equipment and facilities) which will be used by one or more of the Components.


Community Rules:

The rules set out in the Jointly Owned Property Declaration. Component: Where a building has been subdivided by Volumetric Subdivision into two or more component parts each of which is intended for separate ownership and use, either as Jointly Owned Property or otherwise, one of those component parts.


Component Owner:

The owner of a Component.



An individual or corporate entity who is purchasing, or proposes to purchase, a Proposed Unit and who is not a



Developer A Master Developer or a Sub-Developer.



The cadastral survey directions issued by the Department in accordance with Regulation No. ( ) of 2010 Concerning Preparation of Survey Plans in the Emirate of Dubai.


Disclosure Statement:

A written statement under article (4).


Proposed Unit


A Unit:


  1. in a project under construction or proposed to be constructed which will upon completion of construction become subject to a Jointly Owned Property Declaration; or
  2. in a completed project where the title to the Unit has not been issued by the Department and the seller of the Unit is a Developer.


The Real Estate Regulatory Agency. Supply Agreement An agreement for a term of not less than one year for the supply of goods or services, including Utility Services, to an Owners Association either directly or through a Building Management Statement. Volumetric Subdivision A subdivision of a building and the plot of land on which it is situated into two or more volumetric plots, each volumetric plot being defined in the manner prescribed by the Department and comprising part of the building.


Article (3)
Giving Effect to the Regulation


  1. This Regulation takes effect on the day it is signed by the Chairman.
  2. The Director General of the Department shall issue decisions, instructions and forms to give effect to and enforce this Regulation.
  3. The Director General may by instrument in writing delegate any power, authority, duty or function conferred on him or the Department by this or any other Regulation under the Law, to RERA.



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