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When you're looking to rent a property in Dubai, it's simple. There are a number of resources available; however, as with buying a property, the most important part is to ensure that you have a RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) broker available. In doing so, the RERA broker will be able to assist you throughout the whole process.


Some of the costs you should expect to incur should include a security deposit, as well as an agency fee, both of which should not exceed 5%. You should also expect to pay up to AED 2,000 to connect your DEWA services (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). Depending on your building, you may also be required to pay a separate charge for Palm District Cooling which is a separate monthly AC charge (apart from your DEWA), and finally, a 5% housing fee which is charged via your DEWA bill.

When signing a tenancy contract, it is imperative to see proof of ownership of the property, as well as a matching passport copy. If there is a power of attorney involved, then make sure that you read this document carefully to ensure you are giving rights / authority to the correct person. If there is no POA, but another party is requesting to sign / receive funds, DO NOT PROCEED regardless of what piece of paper you're are shown. No Power of Attorney, No transaction.

All in all, when looking for a property to rent Dubai, it should be a simple process providing you use a knowledgeable, professional and reliable RERA agent and these are just the basic bits of information you need to know.


To learn more about renting a property in Dubai, visit our "Tips for Tenants" page or call us on +971 43889963.



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MENA Properties Highly Commended Award 2013-2014National Association of Realtors