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When looking to advertise your Dubai Property for Sale or perhaps a number of properties in Dubai, then as always, the first step is to find a knowledgeable, professional and reliable RERA agent. It is irrelevant whether you are looking to buy a physical property, or if you are looking for land for sale in Dubai, the requirements are always the same.


Firstly, your agent should have a wealth of knowledge in your area, and should have a knowledge of the comparative properties within Dubai. The agent must provide you with a CMA (client market analysis) which details property within your area that have been sold as well as some which are currently available in the market.


Keeping demands realistic is an important factor on your behalf and whilst everyone wants the best price for their property, the Seller must also be in line with market prices and conditions. However, as always, it is your agent's responsibility to provide that guidance. It is of course also important for you as a Seller (or Buyer for that matter), to do your own market research and get a good understanding of the property available.


At the final stages of the sale of your property or your land, it is important to know what fees you should pay. As a Seller, the most important thing is to make sure that the property is free of any liabilities and/or incumbencies. In addition, you should also pay for any NOC charges whether from the developer or your mortgage provider (where there is a loan in place).


The buyer should pay transfer fees and full payment to you in the form of manager's cheques. Commissions can vary, however, you should expect there to be a minimum of 2% payable in commissions (again, splits may vary depending on negotiations).


To learn more about when you want to sell a property or land in Dubai, and more importantly, why you should consider selling exclusively, visit our "Why list your property exclusively" page or call us on +971 4388 9963 now.



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MENA Properties Highly Commended Award 2013-2014National Association of Realtors